Convert a Kickr into a generator?

Asking for a friend in California.

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it’s going to spark and start a fire.


U won’t kick out enough power to do anything useful.


Olympic cyclist powering a toaster:

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When we lost power two weeks ago I hooked up the generator just to grind the coffee beans. Grinding coffee without a generator would be useful to me. :slight_smile:


It would be nice if the kicker generated enough power to at least run itself.

Yup, the Neo and old Bushido offer self-power function. Would be nice to see other makers adopt the function.

Send all your power over-the-air or underground, anything to avoid sparking a flame and a corporate lawsuit :rofl:

yep. seen that video before.

Nonsense. I think I could power a fan, laptop, and lightbulb without too much trouble.

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