Training without electricity

Good chance I’m going to lose power and I know it’s low on the totem pole of life things during these times but I may find myself with some time to train and was wondering how to structure some workouts without my great TrainerRoad app? I have a dumb trainer and kickr core which I imagine still works as a dumb trainer. I’m in the middle of build phase of low volume rolling road race if that helps. Maybe I should just go outside to train if I can… :thinking:

I use an old iPad to run TrainerRoad (and a dumb trainer) and that works fine. I’m assuming you can charge that up of course.

Nice to have a fan though!

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Will you lose internet too? For how long? You can pre-download workouts for about 3 days, I think. They don’t need internet once they run afaik. (I haven’t tried this, but read it on here somewhere).

Alternatively, you could plan out a progression of relatively simple workouts that are easy to write down and do without an app (ie classic sweetspot/threshold, or vo2max type intervals).

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My Kickr doesn’t seem to have enough resistance without being plugged in.


Dont think a kickr core will work without electricity. Product is not made to use without electricity unlike tacx neo which can be used without electricity.


The great outdoors calls for you OP


I don’t know for certain but I should have it through my phone but downloaded does sound like a good idea along with the simple workouts.

dumb trainer it is!

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I may actually go outside but might be a mess with downed trees and water for awhile. Thanks for all the ideas, I will figure something out. If you are in New England area hope you stay safe and make it through ok.


It is possible to run a Kickr off a car battery and an basic ac/dc inverter. Do search.

Any current head unit can run you through a workout and even control your Kickr without internet.

Assuming you have a power meter other than the Kicker, you can just go old school on the dumb trainer and just use your lap timer (or timer on your phone) and write down the workout where you can read it. (bonus points if its in short hand on white tape stuck on your stem)

In short, no problem with the workout itself, I’d be much more worried about not having a fan :wink:

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Yeah the fan issue could really suck, why does nobody make a trainer that uses your output to power a fan probably cause it’s a terrible idea? Sadly only power meter I have is a wahoo speed sensor and I used that with my dumb trainer before and although it’s something the power numbers are not accurate to say the least. Wish I had my old rollers, no numbers and no fan, old school suffering at its best! How do you download workouts, is it possible on the phone?

After the storm passes go ride outside. Avoid downed trees to work on bike handling skills.

In all seriousness, good luck weathering the storm. Hope it’s a non-issue in the end.

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Thankfully it was a non issue, thanks. Hopefully everyone is safe and ok.


Krietler Killer Headwind

Kick it old school. Yo