Could we all get some free power?

Does anyone know of any products designed to store/use the watts produced by using the turbo trainer? I’m thinking either something which charges your phone or a small battery?

It seems like a no brainer to me as those watts are essentially lost. Considering how many of us use a trainer on a regular basis, the power would quickly add up.

The pending Neo Bike (waiting… waiting…) is supposed to include USB charging.

I suggested that same feature to CycleOps when they debuted the Hammer years ago. Nothing else I have seen has the option.

I know next to nothing about electricity but if I’m reading the results of my rudimentary google search right, it looks like 200 watts for one hour, would generate roughly 2 cents worth of electricity at typical US rates so don’t quit your day job :wink: It is in theory enough electricity to charge an iPhone though.

Watch this !


This was my thought. Small scale for the individual but with a feed-in to the main grid, this could offset quite a lot of fossil fuel energy in the long run.

For an individual, it might be useful for charging your phone or a battery pack for later use.

^ This ^

I see an option as a simple support for things like phones and tablets while in use. If we can at least power the device during the workout, and maybe add to the charge, I see that as a ‘Win’.

I noticed over winter when I exercise in the lounge the temperature on the thermostat goes up one or two degree C, so I’m putting the heat loss to good use (don’t know how fresh it smells afterwards mind you :mask:)

If only we could convert bad smells into energy :thinking: