Control-IQ Megathread: Discussions around using Tandem t:slim X2 Control-IQ technology to control Type 1 Diabetes

Hi all,

Tandem’s Control-IQ feature went live on January 20th and it is a monumental change in diabetes management. I’ve been up and running with it since 02/03/20 and have already come across some tips and tricks that I’ve learned. I wanted to start a thread so other diabetics can see and provide some input to see how they’ve incorporated it into their training.

Personal profiles
With the elimination of temporary basals, there is a function to change the delivery settings to “exercise”. However, that CDE told me that function is primarily for if you are going on a walk or something light. She suggested creating a separate profile with decreased basal rates and a separate correction factor in addition to putting the device into exercise mode. That way when your BS is in range, instead of giving you a standard basal (for me is around 1 unit), it will default to a much smaller dose so you don’t plument low

Micro dosing manual corrections
Usually when preparing to hit TR or go on a ride or enter a race, I preload with some carbs knowing that my blood sugar will raise a little bit. The system is now designed to provide an additional bolus when it estimates your blood sugar is going to go above 180 even during exercise mode. However, the system is limited to 1 correction bolus an hour. Her suggestion was if I am preparing to engage in some hard work, that I microdose .05 units so that as my blood sugar rises, the system won’t give me a correction bolus - it will instead just increase basal. This is a great way to offset the risk of a correction bolus while riding.

I tried both of these yesterday during my Ansel Adams +4 ride and they worked great. Excited to hear what everyone else discovers!

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