[Continuous riding - workout too hard] finish by decrease intensity or insert some rest?

TR Turbo session and ERG mode :slight_smile:
Sometimes I can’t finish a continuous run without stopping and have to adapt my live training.
What’s the best option?
Try to never stop and decrease the intensity (2 - 3%) or rest and go step by step?
Thanks for your advices

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Running and cycling are not quite the same - that said - running and outdoor cycling you can just ease the pace a bit. If it’s a TR turbo session and you use ERG mode then decrease the difficulty a few %. If you stop start it will change the training effect. If it’s SS or threshold and it happens often then decreasing FTP on your account should help.

thanks for your answer - i add workout.

Some of the workouts and the (recently removed ) weekly tips recommended back pedalling if that could help you through a workout