Continuing an unfinished workout

Good day, just wanna ask if it’s ok if I’ll just continue an unfinished workout some other day? I had a workout just a while ago, t’was Dade +1. I still had like 3 intervals out of 9 remaining. I know I can finish it, it’s just that there’s an unexpected task I need to do.

I would draw a line under it and move on. You got 6x3mins of good quality work - and the best part of that was the last 3 intervals.

To do the rest now wouldn’t be “finishing it”, it would be repeating the start. So you’d be doing intervals fresh that were supposed to be done in a fatigued state.


:point_up_2: Agree, just move on, there’s no bonus points for “finishing” a workout. The magic in training and getting fitter is no single workout. Rather the consistency of doing workouts week over week, month over month and year over year. You can cut workouts short, insert backpedals and reduce intensity as needed with little affect. Don’t get caught up on any particular day.