Continue ride after outdoor workout complete?

Using a Garmin 520, when the outdoor workout is complete, it asks me to save the ride, if I don’t I’m afraid the data will be lost
I’d like to continue the ride and have it record as 1 activity
After saving to continue the ride I have to start a new ride – Any idea how to do this as 1 ride ?

520 here too. I just press the start button again (bottom right) and you can carry on your merry way with the one ride :+1:

Thank you, you know how weird we get about losing data😅

I think the only acceptable action to take in a scenario like this, is to save the ride, turn off the Garmin, and then walk to the nearest pub for a drink. Then call the significant other after 2 hours for a ride.


Does it on 510/530 also

I save and then start another ride.

I just continue without saving (hit the start button to continue ride) and Save when done for one ride. I believe if you Don’t press the lap button at the end of the cool down lap it will not end workout and ask to say. Ride just continues and last lap does not end until you hit the end button like a normal ride.

I think most Garmin do this.

I remember programing running wo long ago and would do this.

The best approach if possible is do the cool down as “press lap to finish”

I don’t ‘press lap to finish’ until I’ve got back to the house. That has been usually been 30 more minutes of easy riding. Only downside is that if you go above the power ceiling (50% FTP?) then you get persistent annoying warnings off the Garmin.

I currently have a 530 and just keep riding after the workout finishes. When the workout finishes, the 530 plays a sound and “Workout complete!” appears at the bottom of the screen I just keep riding and it’s a single workout.


I’ve had the 530 for almost a year, and vaguely recall the 520 works differently. Why don’t you pull out the 520, start a workout without getting on the bike, and use the lap button to fast forward thru all the intervals and then experiment with it? I usually wait a couple seconds between intervals before hitting the lap button. You can either save or not save the ride when done. That is really low risk way to figure out what to do.