Managed to hit discard on my epic ride - Garmin 830

I’m doing the nc500 (500 miles round northern Scotland). I’m on day 2, which was an epic 200km ride with a ton of climbing.

You know what I’m going to say. New Garmin, with touch Screen got placed into my jersey I’d finsihed. When I got to me room, the ride wasn’t saved nor was there any history on it.

I know there are some posts online which are scrappy on the possibility of recovering a file somehow and getting the ride back.

My question is, has anyone got any success stories or advice on recovering a ride that was essentially discarded.

It’s safe to say,I’m totally gutted.

I’d get on the phone to Garmin support directly ASAP. Whatever else you do to try to recover your ride, definitely get them involved.

Sorry to hear about what happened… that’s tough. In future, always make sure your ride is saved and you’re back on a “safe” screen before taking the Garmin off the bike. Build in some safeguards so this kind of thing can’t happen again.

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Very few replies on Garmin forums to same question. One suggestion was:

Mount it as USB storage on your PC
Download & run Recuva (or similar)
Deep scan the device
See if you can retrieve the file to your hard drive


I’m so sorry! I hope you can somehow retrieve it! But congratulations on an awesome ride! You did it!

I’d also suggest that you at least “manually add” a session to your Garmin Connect, or Strava, to act as a placeholder for those values. In two years, knowing that you did 200km in 8 hours with 480 TSS will be valuable, even if those numbers are 10% off.

Or, you could just go ride it again. :grin:


This would be my recommendation. I’d also add to this that you shouldn’t use the device until you’ve done this, if you do you run the risk of overwriting the possibly recoverable data.

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I managed to recover a ride after winning a local race. Most of the data is probably on the device, but without knowing where it is saved, it could be anywhere on the device.

I don’t know if there is any software that does this automatically, but I did it manually.

First things first, don’t record any more rides until you have an image of the device flash memory.
I ended up writing a script to scan through all the memory and search for fit file records. Then I pieced them all together back into a coherent ride. It took me a weekend to do the work.

What is even more tricky, is fit file records are all delta’s from the previous records. So you have to manually fix any recording jumps, or else the rest of the file could be corrupted.

Thanks everyone. I’m actually about to start day 3 of a 5 day bike tour. I need to record the next 3 days and I do t have a laptop,therefore getting an image of the device is going to be impossible :disappointed:.

My goal in the end was to piece all 5 (it’ll be 4 now) gpx files together to make 1 whole ride, over the 5 days. I’m now thinking can I just create a ride manually (for that missing day) and fill in the average Pace, route, start time / end time etc. Would this be possible via ride with GPS etc etc.

Again thanks everyone.

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This might help, you should be able to manually create a ride using “ride with gps” which will alllow you to create your actual route. If you just add a manual ride with garmin it will only show the data but not a route

This way you could possibly also show the whole route using ‘relive’


Going back a few years now but I did the same thing on an epic ride and was gutted. So I know how you feel, sorry that you’ve had such bad luck. I did manage to retrieve it though!

I plugged my Garmin in to a PC and found some corrupt fit. files in some sort of junk/recycle bin folder within the Garmin. I then used this website (below) to convert and upload to Strava and it worked. I don’t know how much things have changed but it might be worth a go. Good luck!