Confused about workout instructions

For the Monterey workout the instructions at the end say:

Important: Try to settle on a demanding but repeatable power output such that you can finish as many intervals as possible. The goal is to accumulate a productive level of stress at a high level of intensity while avoiding the need to frequently quit intervals early.

But the power is exactly prescribed and I’m in erg mode so I either do the power or I don’t.

I assume this is for people in other situations but it leads me to question whether I should be taking it into my own hands to adjust the level based on what I think I can do or if I should just do it as prescribed?

For this particular workout I actually failed about 75% of the way into the third interval so for the last one I turned it down 5% after the first half and was able to do that but I felt like I was cheating a bit.

This is the first time I’ve failed on an interval so I’m not sure how much I should overcorrect based on this one experience. But in general, should I be tuning the resistance by a couple percentage points if that will mean the difference between completing an interval and not?

Instructions like these are from before AT and workout levels, but the main point still applies.

For VO2 workouts the overall goal is to complete the assigned intervals at as high as possible intensity. This means that if you expect, or during the workout realize, that the intensity is either too high or too low you should adjust accordingly. Being in ERG mode means that you have to adjust the intensity like you did, but ideally you adjust a smaller amount for all intervals.

With the introduction of workout levels I do believe you would get a better result if you can spot your limitation in advance. Then you can pick an alternate that has the intervals at your preferred/achievable % of FTP.

Okay cool that’s good to know.

This was the replacement workout for a ramp test that I used AI FTP detection for instead of taking the test. It was also classified as a stretch. I think the combination of an increased FTP and a stretch workout made it hard to tell if the intensity was going to be okay.

I think I should have dialed it down a smaller amount at the beginning of the third interval after what I felt after the second but that is hindsight. Good to know going forward.

If I’m honest, for V02 intervals, I’d say turn off ERG, put on resistance mode and just go as hard as you can for the length and number of intervals (i.e. first interval may only feel 95%, but not much lower … Last interval hanging on for dear life) until see God (insert god/goddess/deity of choice! :joy:)

So today the plan had 6x5’ at 353W which I did in resistance mode and ended up being pretty easy so I turned it up a bit for the last one. The prior one which was two days ago was 4x5’ at 370W is where I failed on the third interval. So who knows…

The context here is: even with Adaptive Training, there are a multitude of external factors that can change how you feel on the day. Bad sleep, off-the-bike stress, or poor nutrition planning are all things that would cause you to start the workout at the appropriate level, but may result in you exerting more effort than necessary in a non-sustainable way that prevent you from having longevity in finishing all of those efforts.

It’s a check-in and reminder that we are human, we cant always meet our performance (and power goals) every day, and making an adjustment in intensity if needed to make sure you can complete the effort is a great call in that instance. :sunglasses:


Yep - some days you’re the hammer and some days your the nail :wink: