Tested VO2 Max and TR Intervals

I had my power at VO2 max tested in the lab last week and it came out at 470W (145% of FTP). Any thoughts on how I should use this number when completing TR sessions?

For example, I completed Taylor-2 the other day and felt I could push a lot harder throughout (holding back in case of collapse). During the last set I let go a little and aimed for >400W (125% of FTP), when the prescribed power is, for me, 384W. It was fairly easy to maintain this (for 30 seconds :wink: ) and could have gone harder.

My question: for VO2 max sessions on TR, should I aim for 470W during the intervals or stick to the prescribed power targets? Knowing my power at VO2 Max, should I be attempting to hit this during the intervals?

Thoughts/comments welcome!! This is not an ego-trip, just want to hear thoughts on how to use this info!

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WOW - 145 of FTP. Thatโ€™s impressive :+1:. I think Iโ€™m about 115% of my FTP.

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Sessions like Taylor should be done at, or near, your highest repeatable power.

If you can do more, do more. It might not be all the way up at 470 W, butt itโ€™s only one way to find out. :sweat_smile:

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I would be interested in a couple of things. Firstly, it would make sense to increase the intensities up so you are working in the right zone, to be honest this is were Sufferfest excels. But for trainerroad, 110% would go to 130%, 115% to 138% and 120% would be 145%.

May not be exactly those numbers but it should be something close.

Secondly, that gap is insane, I can do 130% V02 of my threshold and thought that was high, but 145% is off the charts for sure. What that says to me, is that you have a ton of room to move the needle on longer efforts. I would bet you could close the gap between your V02 power and FTP, even if you brought your FTP within 35% of V02 power that is a 10% improvement in FTP that I imagine is on the cards for you to get, by doing aerobic work and longer efforts, not sure if you are doing that already though.

Anyway, keep on keeping on, 470 watts for 5 minutes is insane anyway.