Comparable Inside/Outside Ride

Hi ….I am trying to find match my upcoming outside ride with an Inside version. I will average roughly 80-85 % of my max heart for 1:30:00 varying flats and hills. My zone 2 rides vary from 65-70 % of max HR. I use a Wahoo Kickr inside but no power meter for outside. What TR may be a good match for my upcoming outside ride. Thanks for the help.

To do it semi properly there’s a bit more to it than average HR and its more of a post ride thing. For instance you need to look at the ride once complete, ie was it constant or bursts etc and try to match the actual ride to a workout, that has similar IF TSS. But even that is an over-simplication and until WL2’s (or PL2’s I forget which) matching is fraught with errors.

If you want to have something pre ride in the calendar I think you are best to designate a race of 1:30 at a hard effort but that is only an estimated TSS and does nothing for your PL’s or AT plan.