Outside TSS vs Inside TR TSS

It seems all of my outside rides, the TSS is way higher. Today’s example. Inside ride with TR, 2hours 15min between 52-54% my TSS was 61 with an average heart rate of 130. Immediately following that workout I went outside and had a chill ride (no power meter) same HR monitor. 2hours 7min, average HR 140, TSS is 140.

My guess is Strava and TR measure TSS very differently. Thoughts? Knowledge? Thanks.

Edit. Intervals had the load at 61 vs 89.

If you don’t have a power meter outside, then you aren’t seeing TSS. You are seeing hrTSS. TSS is explicitly calculated using Power.

So apples and pears


Thanks for the simple explanation. Forgot to add, inside is on a Wahoo bike.

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Like the other guy said, hrTSS is not directly comparable to TSS.

I think intervals will show you the hrTSS even for rides with power (maybe in the HR tab). Check that first to see if it correlates better.

My guess is that your hrTSS on the inside ride is higher also.

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