Colouring Tagging


When I add annotations to my calendar, I don’t understand what the different tag colouring means.

Am I missing something?

You can just use these as visual markers for vacations, races, rest days, or anything you would like. For example, you could assign green to rest days, red to race days and blue to times you are on vacation. That way, when you are looking through your calendar, it will be easier to find things. This isn’t something you have to use but you can if you would like.

Hi @Ian
I have used the colours on some annotations but notice that whatever I write in the annotation is not attached to the workout in question that I am describing but it appears in the header for the week that the workout is from.
Is it supposed to be that way when viewing the calendar? Just me personally I would like it to be attached to the workout in question. It would make it easier, especially if you have notes on more than one workout that week.
Thanks for all the good stuff :+1:

Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner I was out of town for a couple of day!

Annotations are for whatever date range you set them to. They can be just one day to explain the workout you did or span across an entire week to show you are on vacation. It depends what you set it to when creating the annotation. If you only want annotations to be on one day, make sure the start and stop date is the same. Below is an example. Test-1 spans 2 days, Test-2 is a single day, and Test-3 is 10 days long and will continue onto the next week.

If I’m misunderstanding your question, would you mind explaining a bit more and maybe posting a screenshot of what you are seeing?