Coffee - Show us your set up

Yup just put a mug under it and clean/flush it until you’re confident it is descaled, and the water looks/tastes clean.

It has been my understanding that aluminum boilers a a pin in the ass…
I think you need to research what product to use. Gaggia sells some products for descaling… I would look into those.

In any case…process should be similar…
add water and solution to the reservoir.
Run for a min or so to basically exchange all the water from the boiler for descaling mix.
Turn off the machine.
Give a solid 15 minutes.
Do this till you run out of solution.
Since you have no clue how bad it is (or do you?) You may want to run it more than once.

once all is done, run 2 full water reservoirs through the system and you are done…
its more time consuming than anything else…

I may just disassemble the boiler and clean manually. Good way to learn my way around too

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Thats probably smart…
but you still want to keep it clean… every few months wouldn’t be a bad idea

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Can’t do art…

But that would do pig… That would do.


I’m pretty awful at frothing milk and my pitcher has a wide spout so it’s like trying to do latte art out of a bucket, but it’s tasty, even the wife likes it and asked me to learn to make “fun drinks” so she’s a quick convert

MDF still for sale, went with an M47 Phoenix hand grinder for espresso duty. Have that and a VST basket coming this week, and expecting a bottomless PF and some other stuff any day now


Machine is an Expobar Brewtus with a few mods. I also do the odd v60.


Some updates to the setup!

Still using the Wilfa Svart grinder and V60 to brew but have added the Timemore Black Mirror Plus scales and Timemore Fish Smart gooseneck kettle. Also a Fellow Atmos for bean storage, meaning I just take it to my local place and save the waste from bagging it up.

Not pictured is an Aerspeed by Knock grinder and Aeropress Go that is used for travel and a Clever Dripper which is away in the cupboard.


I made a best friend while camping

I’m probably going to look into getting one for work too. Simple, easy to use, easy to wash.
The moka pot is alright, but you need a stove and all that good stuff.


Aeropress is my go to!

16g coffee to 100ml water :heart:

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You guys do the upside down brew or normal?

I’ve only had it for 2 weeks or so, so i’m sstill trying to master the normal method

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Got the MDF grinder and base sold getting my cost on the Classic down to around $200, splurged a few bucks on a bottomless PF, IMS screen, and gasket, as well as a VST 18g basket. Grinder wise I settled (maybe not the right word cause its really nice) on the Kinu M47 Phoenix for precise adjustment and simplicity, hard to get the same value in an electric grinder.

All in I’m probably around $450 for the Classic, M47, and all of the accessories, and the Classic cleaned up quite nicely for a 10 year old machine. Wife is liking what I’ve made so far so that’s a plus, we went from “its stupid to have a machine just to make espresso” to “this is good can you learn to make other stuff?” in about a week’s time

I’ve got the machine pretty clean, still need to do a little polishing in some places but for being 10 years old I can’t complain



Found a local roaster 10 minutes from the house, also went considerably finer on my grind and liking it a lot. Still can’t do latte art but they taste good

The shot

Add milk

Contrast rocks


I have this thing set up on a Kasa smart plug. Just have to say “Hey, Google, turn on coffee” and by the time I get there, it is ready. I am a very lazy person.


I’m really impressed (and sometimes envious) with everyone’s coffee setup!

My current setup is very simple and leans towards utility over all else. However, this method makes a very punchy mug of coffee.


Hi all,

First time TR Forum poster, so glad to be joining the talks over here!
As a coffee enthousiast, this seemed the best thread to jump into the action :slight_smile:

I’m rocking:

  • a La Marzocco Linea Mini for espresso / flat whites (when I have plenty of time)
  • two Eureka flat burr grinders (one for filter, one for espresso)
  • a Moccamaster to fuel the morning rush
  • a coffee drawer filled with filter gear (V60, kettles, etc) and coffee stash
  • a Nespresso in the home office (no picture :))

A huge sucker for Loveramics :innocent:



I’m no artist, but moving in the right direction


I have been making espressos for the last 8.5 years. I have never done anything remotely as nice as that…

good job!

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