Coffee/caffeine and workout recovery

Does caffeine/coffee help with post workout recovery?

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I’d be interested in responses here, too. I’m seeing implications in the parasympathetic, autonomic, vagus nerve systems, and on and on. Caffeine plus carbs is apparently better than just carbs for replenishing glycogen quickly but is that necessary for one-a-day endurance workouts? Maybe for strength work. Maybe adding caffeine afterwards will be too much stimulus over a long period of time and throw off your hormones.

It doesn’t seem clear cut to me but it would be interesting to listen to a research-backed deep dive. The final answer will be “it depends”, but that’s fine.

Personally, I haven’t seen any recovery benefits that out-weigh possible risks for me to change my existing caffeine habits and schedule as an early evening endurance rider.

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Its someone tyring to sell coffee but they say it is:

Should you drink coffee after a workout? – West Berkshire Roastery(eg.

I could be wrong as I’m definitely not a nutritional export but I think a podcast talked about it a while ago; a regular coffee is a good stimulant but the side effects rule it out for recovery but lattes and the type due to their ingredient (mainly the milk) can offer some recovery.

I drink a pot a day, and I havent gotten faster recently :joy:

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