Closed TR software accidentally

I run TR on my Andriod. It happened a few times I closed it accidentally and when i relaunched, the ride was ended…and I have to reload the workout.

Can the developer do something about it? For example the workout will only end if you end it manually.

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I have also accidentally closed the App in the middle of a workout. Usually if you reopen the app and click on the partially completed workouts it will give you the option to resume.

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u on desktop or android?

Yes, there is an option to resume an incomplete workout on all apps AFAIK. I searched, but can’t find an official support article. Maybe @IvyAudrain can check to see if I just missed it, or if this is an opportunity for TR to document the feature.

From memory, you open the incomplete workout, and may need to hit the ellipsis […] icon to find a “Resume Workout” or something like that option. I have done it on Win for sure, and I think I tested on Android mobile a while ago with success too.


Somewhat related… can you minimise the windows desktop app and have the timer continue to run, or does the TR window need to be at the front?

Yep, minimizing the app will still leave it running in the background. I do it on occasion with no issues.