Android Bug ending workout early


I’ve come back to TR after a long layoff.

When doing a workout using the Android app I have an issue with the workout ending prematurely and syncing with TR and Strava before it’s complete. Here are the steps:

  • Workout in progress with app in foreground
  • Minimize app to background
  • open Google Podcast app, select podcast, press play
  • switch to Trainerroad app

Now the TR will be black for about 20s before showing me my calender and the workout that was in progress as complete. I’ll get a notification from Strava as well.

I can then select the incomplete workout and select resume ride, complete it, resync and all is ok.

However, it’s a bit annoying when this happens mid interval.

Hope this helps

Hi @jabba1977ad, you need to contact TR support:

I have had this exact problem.

Good to know!

I mailed support, hopefully they’ll be back in touch.