Restart-Continue Workout after PC crash

During a workout my PC stopped (pb of power…).
The beginning of workout was saved but I can’t restart where i was…

So my question is : Is it possible to continue a saved workout which is not ended ?


I am pretty sure you can relaunch the app, load and you will get an option to resume the incomplete workout.

thaks for your answer.
Yes of course, but I don’t know how to resume incomplete workout. (don’t find option…)

I think you just select it from the app on your Calendar and it will ask if you want to Resume it or Restart.

They it and see. I don’t have that menu memorized, but I know that I have used it and it was essentially automatic.

If the partial workout has uploaded to your account, open the partial workout and click the three-dot menu in the right hand corner (…) .

Then, select “Resume Ride” :+1:


That’s it !
Thanks very much