Choosing a Training Plan without a goal

Hi everyone,

I am a mostly solo rider, doing occasional 80-120k rides outdoors and 3 training session indoors for quite some time now. I usually ride 2-5 public fondos a year. My training rides are 95% flat, fondos have up to 1500m of climbing
I just come of a custom 12 week plan leading up to my first 160k ride. I was very happy with the custom plan and now I want to choose a new plan.

My second child is on the way and due in Mai. As I’ll take over quite some tasks in the household and do not plan to ride any fondo or any new long distance this year.

So without any goals ahead, I am wondering what training plans I should consider. The overall goal is to get fitter for further long rides next year.

Should I

  • just chain the low-volume sweet spot base plan for the whole year ( I don’t see a problem in motivation)
  • follow the base/build/speciality path for a century ride (even though none is planned)
  • mix things up a bit with totally different plans such as a climbing plan to not fall into a single steady pattern?

Looking forward to your thoughts

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Any of the above will work. I am absolutely positive most of us amateurs spend far too much time sweating the details that are really only 10% of the result - focus on the key essentials and the final choice of plan is probably largely of little importance in the longer term.

The key things are:

  1. keep consistency - so which plans will keep you motivated to get on the bike and do something as frequently as possible?

  2. volume - what can you do to maximise the volume you ride around new baby and other commitments?

  3. progression - any of those plans will offer a progression of workouts over time

The rest is just the icing on the cake, so do what you enjoy the most and keeps you getting on the bike. You could even just switch to Train Now for periods of time and mix it up based on what you feel like and what type of session you fancy? You dont get the same type of progressions but they are based on your PLs so will give you a variety of workouts that will keep you moving forward.

You will have enough to focus on with the new child (congrats!) so dont let your choice of plan or longer term planning become another stress. You could simply choose each plan based on how you feel at the end of the previous one, or map it all out for a nice long plan to follow without worry? I’m the kind of person that can’t map out a long term plan without inevitably second guessing and changing things around, so if thats you then maybe just go with the flow and keep it fluid. Others like a nailed down plan they can just follow and find that less stressful.

Have fun with it and good luck.


thanks for the input.

I need a bit more consistency then deciding each day with Train Now. But I scrolled through the various plans and might mix it up with different plan types.

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Great reply! :trophy:

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I think TR’s general recommendation when you have more time than 28 weeks for the standard Base> Build> Specialty progression (or no specific target event) is to repeat cycles of Base> Build> Base> Build.

To mix things up a bit over repeat cycles, you could consider some of the alternative Base plans (Traditional Base or Polarized Base). And perhaps General Build or Polarized Build if you are bored with Sustained Power.

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