Did I select the right A goal?

I’ve set up my next 5 months of training using plan builder. Happy with the AT process and looking forward to getting faster :grinning:

My A event for next year (not a race) that I’m aiming for at end of April 2022 is a single climb - average 7% gradient with fluctuations along the way between 5% and 9%. It’s a vacation location that has beaten me previously so I want to structure my training towards hitting my goal on the climb.

Goal is to achieve sub 1 hour at worst. Stretch goal is sub 50 minutes.

I selected Climbing Road Race in the event description list from the plan builder as it seemed the closest fit.

Wanted to check that this was the right call in the circumstances, before the plan begins. I’ve got 4 weeks left of my current plan to complete so have time left to re-do the plan if I’ve not selected the optimum target.


For a goal like that I would probably choose something more like the 40kTT plan. The operative word in the plan you chose is really ‘race’ and not ‘climbing’. So it will have more high power efforts for attacks and such. But if you are just looking for a solo hour long effort then that’s closer to a TT than a race.

Either plan would increase your fitness however. To some degree the question is, which is more interesting to you? Lots of 10+ min threshold intervals or something with a bit more surges and variation.

Keep in mind the rest of your riding also. Do you do a lot of group rides with surges, some mountain biking, etc?


Thanks - this is possibly the main point I hadn’t factored into my thinking yet. On balance I think sticking with the climbing road race plan will better suit my preferences and in all probability keep me more interested and likely to adhere to the plan.

Thanks for the insight :+1:t2:

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