New year, new me

Hey guys and gals,

Trainer Road user here for the past several years and podcast listener. As you would suspect I am looking at gathering some advice on the upcoming new year. I am looking for plan advice that will go alongside my weight loss goal for the upcoming year. I honestly do not have any “A” events that I am shooting for other than incremental improvement for the upcoming year. My weaknesses are in the sustained climbs and I feel my weight is the anchor, thus I am looking at a focused gym and changes in the diet to address. Riding alone has not addressed this area.

I am currently 53 years old, club level A rider that logs around 10K miles annually who just completed an endurance block during the Holidays. My weight currently sits at 84kgs and would like to shoot for 75kgs to start and I plan on looking into an off the bike program (gym) that will help with my weight loss goals. The gym will focus on my core area.

I was initially looking at a low volume base with 3 TR workouts a week with a twice a week gym program with Friday being the day off. I likely would ride with the club on the weekends and during inclement weather peppering a TR workout. This would likely carry me through March as the time changes and with the longer days more outside riding is available.

Since I already have a “base” would it be advisable to start with the build plan and then flow into the specialty plan as that will take me into the spring? Or would you advise starting with base regardless? Looking at low volume plans since I would be looking at least 2 gym workouts per week.

I realize this might not be as structured as some of the other plans with rider goals defined or “A” events planned around, but I am a rider who is looking for incremental gains that can be realized going onto the new riding season. I rarely will train indoors during in-season as I would rather be out than inside.

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I’d start with SSBI (Sweet spot base I). Even though it says “base” it isn’t easy. SSBII gets even harder…then build is a little more intense after that.

And since you don’t have a specific A race doing the full progression will feel really nice.

I think you have a good plan. Low volume + Gym workouts is a good mix for your goals. If you’re lifting during those gym workouts just be aware that you could lose fat and gain muscle and not have the scale change; so don’t be discouraged, just stay consistent.

For example, I lost 7 lbs of fat and gained 4 lbs of muscle over like a three month period (measured via DEXA scan). So even though the scale said I only lost 3 lbs of mass over 3 months it really was a good improvement in body composition.

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Absolutely appreciate the advice Nate, and I have noted quite a few times on the podcast where you point out your own transformation, ie fat to muscle. I would be pleased with half the weight loss along with a stronger body composition. I feel like that will overall help my cycling performance and I also recognize there are nutritional gains that I need to work on that will help as well.

Thanks again Nate, this helps!

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People seem to forget one important aspect when they are considering skipping out of base training because they feel they have a solid base already. There are a lot of good pedaling drills that Coach Chad has implemented throughout the base phase. Ones that are good to practice no matter what level athlete you are. Fundamentals are always good to visit no and then because we can pick up bad habits along the way. Good luck with your program

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Exactly! I did Ethan Allen today that had Threshold Intervals at 60 rpms, 80 rpms, and 100 rpms mixed in with standing efforts. This was an amazing eye opening experience. I’m normally a 95-105 rpm cadence guy and I would have never attempted 4 x 7 threshold intervals at these “unusual” cadences. As it turns out, I really like low cadence efforts! Who knew. :exploding_head: Love these Base drills.

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I agree completely here, my pedaling had gotten really sloppy when I was stronger, I guess I had power to spare huh :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:. I’ve been really focusing on economy and form while I rebuild, I figure I need every watt I can get these days,.