Choose what syncs to Strava?

I’ve read the TR support page on setting up Strava syncing:

What I would like to do is choose which workouts go to Strava after I have completed them but it’s unclear how the TR/Strava synch works? Is everything automatically sycn’d? Or can you choose what goes up?

Just set your default upload in Strava as private and after review make the ones you want public.


Everything syncs. If there’s something I don’t want to share I just make it private on Strava after the sync.

(Or do it the other way like @HLaB suggests; we must have been typing at the same time lol)


Great thanks, that could definitely work.

I don’t have a problem downloading and manually uploading the TR FIT files either. But I can’t get the image to look as nice as the automatically uploaded TR ones.

Does anyone know how to do that?

I wish there was a way to make just your FTP tests automatically private!

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There is, just change in your default upload settings in Strava to, only you can see. I record on the TR app and separately on my Garmin. Occasionally they both upload but I only elect to make one of them public.

On your Strava account there are privacy settings, like others have mentioned you can set all activities to default to private:

That is a one time setting.

Then after I complete a ride or indoor workout, edit the activity to give it a name and change it from private to what you want:

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