Strava sync without Image

Is it possible to disable the posting of TrainerRoad images to Strava (ie - the workout profile)?

My current workaround is to delete the image from the Strava activity.


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I’d be keen to see this as well.

I want to keep autosyncing with Strava so that TR can pull in my runs and outside rides etc, but worried that me spamming up everyone’s Strava feed with big TR workout pictures is going to annoy all of my friends!

It’d be cool to have a toggle in your autosync settings page to govern whether to push workout images as well.

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Not sure if it’s what you’re looking for but I have my Strava settings such that each activity is automatically private and bike used is set to indoor trainer. The majority of my rides are TR so for the outdoor rides I just set them un-private and change the bike used.


I think I’m going to do what @Theo does.

Yes, exactly this for me.

Yeah. Love TR but the free advertising/link when I sync to strava is a bit much. Maybe make it optional. And either give some incentive to keep it - 10% off, if anyone clicks it there’s some kind of discount for us.

I set my Strava the same, and I notice that the image did not get sync’ed. Is it the normal behaviour?

You can disable on Strava mobile app: Settings > Partner Integrations

currently you cannot disable from Strava web app.


Strange. I still get mine like this:

Is it possible a different device to the app is uploading the ride?

Must be a problem with the file that day, and coincidental with my privacy setting change. I deleted and re-uploaded from TR web a couple times, changing privacy setting in Strava, and still image is not coming.
Will see after the next ride - thanks for confirming!

The latest version available now (I have it) allows you to turn off the images for zwift and trainerroad. Just go into the settings in strava and it’s easy to find. App partnerships or something

I like the image. Just don’t like the branding and link.

Same behaviour on tonight’s ride - Strava privacy setting on “Only you”, workout recorded with TrainerRoad on Windows, uploads correctly, but no image.
I like the image for reminding me what kind of workout it is…don’t need to write any notes.
After reverting privacy setting to “Eveyone”, image is uploading.

Perfect - thank you! Worked for me.