"chill, baby, chill"

Unsurprising results, really, but considering that it is more difficult to dissipate heat when training indoors, still potentially of interest here.


NoPinz have recently released a “SubZero” range of indoor clothing including sweatbands with a pocket for a special ice pack.

Reviews have been mixed, though.

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Wasn’t Fuglsang wearing something in a race pre-lockdown that may of been leaning on this? Seem to remember Eurosport commentators mentioning it

This makes some sense as there are veins relatively close to the skin on the underside of the forearm…if you can cool that blood as it travels back to the heart, you can theoretically reduce core temperature.

Back in the day, Torbjorn Sinballe was a great Danish triathlete…but he was a big guy and imploded on the run every year in Kona. Couldn’t deal with the heat…one year, he ran with a latex glove on one had and constantly stuffed it with ice to try and cool his blood and keep his temp under control.

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@SpareCycles @empiricalcycling Care to opine on possible issues with the experimental design, and why it doesn’t really matter.

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