Cheap Vectors on aliexpress?!

Hello guys, my first post here.

I’m seeing very cheap Vectors on aliexpress. Even if used, still very cheap. Any catch here that i am missing? Like, are they clones or something?

Typically if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. Make sure to read the description well… they may be broken but can still be sold for spares. Consider that you’ll probably have to pay customs and in case they are lost during shipping, I don’t know how Aliexpress handles that kind of thing.

I’d wait a little bit and buy single sided Assiomas or Vectors from a reputable seller that will give you support if necessary. That’s my 2 cents… I have not even seen the listing you’re talking about

Are you referring to the ones that say 90% new for around 200 USD per pedal?

My best guess would be that they are 90% original and probably 90% accurate ;).

Jokes aside. Tempting price - but if a powermeter is not reliable it’s just a heavy pedal you put on your bike. Not saying this is the case for this offer. Normally I’m all in for second hand, reuse, recycle. But when it comes to power meters and bib shorts I’m happy pay the extra price for new items - you never know what the previous owner did… ;).


Buy cheap, buy twice - Avoid.

Exactly, some even say 99% :slight_smile:
Pitty the reviews there suck…