Power meter choice

Just received my Cannondale Synapse Carbon disk, and got it ready for my first ride this morning. While at the bike shop, I saw he had Garmin Vector pedals on sale. I was not ready to buy, but he intimated that he would knock off more if I was interested.
So, for someone who is not interested in ultimate accuracy, would this be a good buy at $350 if I could get them for that?
Moultrie, GA

What about Garmin vector pedals means that you won’t get great accuracy? I’ve never looked super deep into them, but I’ve always seen them as pretty accurate.

I’ll say yes, if its for the Vector 3. The single-sided version sells for $599. Folks have had issues with earlier versions. I wouldn’t worry much about accuracy. :slight_smile:

Seems like I remember some saying it was 10 watts off or something, which does not
concern me.

You know, it said Vector, and was for a pair. I am not sure it was Vector 3…

Yes, that’s a deal. I would buy them. (I just got some PowerTap P1 pedals for a similar price). Every reputable power meter on the market now is close enough in terms of accuracy and precision. It’s all about cost, reliability, and convenience at this point.

Check it out. if it doesn’t have pods to be attached, it’s a great deal.


It looks like the 3S picture. There are no black pods, only a silver thing which may be a cadence attachment.

The Garmin Vector 1 has silver pods. The only difference between the Vector 1 and 2 is the actual pod… the pedal and sensor themselves are the same. That said, the Vector 2 are way easier to install and switch between bikes.