Elusive vector 3

hi guys looking for some vector 3 pedals, seems like thee is a shortage in the uk all of a sudden. are there plans for a newer model or is it just a covid thing.

Pretty much everything that can be used for indoor training is out of stock from what I’ve seen.

My local shops (Bremen, Germany) have all told me there’s been a recall by Garmin to swap out old units for new ones (probably re. the battery issues). Not sure if this is still current, but supplies here are low too. Might be a new model in the pipeline as well.

The vector 3 is a pretty good and a reliable power meter. Pedal based pm’s are ideal if u need to switch them b/w bikes

It is a Covid thing coupled with the redesigned battery caps. Better for business if they only have the revision in circulation so they dont have to use man hours on sending out battery caps too

Accurate, yes, but rampant reports of unreliability. The Favero Assioma is often touted as far more reliable and the overall better pick.


maybe they are sick of having new battery covers, so it’s time for a new one.

unreliable? you mean the battery door issue? I’ve had those issues before and it was very annoying. Garmin sent me a replacement battery door and it works perfectly. More than 1 year on the replacement and no issues now.

And a lot of people have received replacements with the same issue. Meanwhile, Favero users are out just riding their bikes. No upside to the Vector and frequent potential downsides. Why bother?

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super happy with my Favero Assioma Duos! Most of the negative reviews I read about Vector 3’s the person went on to Favero Assiomaa and was super happy!

No upsides? Not really. Upsides for me over the Assiomas are that you can carry spare batteries in your saddle bag for if you ever need them and they don’t have an ugly ass pod the end of the axle.

My Vectors have been rock solid since I got the 3rd version of the battery door and the 4th version they sent seem like a huge improvement design-wise. At this point I don’t worry about them at all.

I’m on my third set of warranty replacements and they have started dropping out randomly. Fixes for battery issues have consistently resulted in new problems, or have failed to address longer term issues that can arise from “batteries moving around” (direct quote from garmin customer care).

To be fair to them, they have always recognised the problems as their own doing and put in place suitable resolutions for me.

I probably wouldn’t suggest them to anyone.

I’ve got original vectors and are still going strong and two quarks, was looking at assiomas but dont the aesthetics just look a bit ugly , I know it should be function over form but just cant get away from that disc at the end of spindle.

Tredz have Vector 3 pedals for pre-order at the moment. Due next week.