Cheap Tickr Wahoo HRM (Heart Rate Monitor)

Just saw that online it is Bluetooth and works well with the app. $9 instead of $49

This seems fishy.


You order yours first… Then let us know if it shows up… And if it does if it actually does anything.


My guess is it’s a price misprint. If it’s reputable, they’ll back it. If not, cancel the charge.

Edit: while their website shows a secure connection, and the store front appears reputable enough, their prices are indeed shady for some of their stuff and you’re ordering stuff from Ivan and Dimitar apparently in Macedonia, so buyer beware…

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I saw this and ordered two this morning, we’ll see if they ever show up.

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My Tickr has a couple of connector issues and is basically being held together by band aids. It never drops and I like it, but the workmanship on the snaps is kinda poor. For $12 incl shipping, worth the risk, so I tried one.

I needed another speed/cadence sensor, also on sale for $9. Gave it a shot!

Tried the speed/cadence … wish I could have paid PayPal to make any claims easier.

Oh well, will give me a chance to make a claim through my credit card if it’s not legit.

I’ve got one of them (I bought it for the full retail price :/). There are some connection problems and it doesn’t work for the first 3-5 minutes. I mean it doesn’t send any data for the first minutes. But after that everything is ok. It’s stable with no droops.

That is absolutely a fake website. Everything is at ridiculous prices, there’s no store information, contact info.

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It’ll either be a rip-off or not show-up. $49 for a Tickr is good value regardless.

RIP your credit card

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I mean maybe, but I have a shipping confirmation, and there is contact information on that website. And I have plenty of alerts on the subject credit card so if it gets used I’ll know. And if it never shows up, I’ll cancel the charge. :man_shrugging:

I’ll let you know when it shows up and says “Wahho” on it and electrocutes me or something.

Good luck! :slight_smile: Thankfully, as you said, lots of credit card consumer protections today.

Lol this is so fake it’s not funny. Cancel your credit card!

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My CooSpo el cheapo worked great for 8-9 months, then yesterday died. It shorted internally somehow and caused the battery to drop. Did same thing to a new battery. Too many bad reviews of the Wahoo Tickr, so went with the Polar instead…Still, at $25 might be worth it to buy the el cheapo once per year or so.

Did anything (positive or negative) show up from your order?

I have a TickrX that I like a lot, but would gladly pick up another one or two bands if this is legit.

yeah, i gotta know if a genuine, working tickr showed up at your door. that site looked SO fake.

I checked my order last Friday and nothing had changed as far as status. I’ll check it again tonight and cancel the order if no movement. At this point, I’m about 99% sure this was fake as suggested by many of you. Fortunately there’s not much harm these days with the various consumer protections for the dolts like me who take a chance on it.

My Tickr has had the best connectivity of any HR strap I’ve ever used, and that’s with TR, my Elemnt Bolt, and my Garmin FR235. My issue with it was after removing the strap during the first use, one of the plastic connection covers broke on the back. I wrapped it in a sport band-aid so it didn’t dig into my chest, and it’s fine, but still… the four-points of glue they used to fasten it didn’t hold up to one use. Then about 10 months later, one of the connection snaps came completely unfixed from the transmitter. I superglued it back in place and only use the other side’s snap now. Cheap construction, IMO.

Seems like Wahoo puts a lot (but not enough, in the case of the Kickr Core this year) into the electronics, but some of the physical workmanship and design of their products is pretty crappy considering the prices they command.

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