Cheap bike for fix installation on a Wahoo Kickr

Hello guys!
I’m using a Canyone Endurace bike for the road and I’m using a Wahoo Kickr for bad weather or winter. I find myself bored with having to put the bike onto the Kickr and off. So I would like to buy another CHEAP bike that I can install permanently on the Kickr.

Do you guys have any recommendation?
Thanks in advance.

Depends how much time you plan on spending on each. I’d look for something with geometry as close to your current bike as possible so that you can replicate your road position on the turbo trainer.

Maybe you could look for an old used aluminium endurace?

I’d just go second hand for a bike the right size.

fwiw I have my old hack 7 speed on my hammer, with spacers. I only use erg mode so have only indexed it as far as keeping the chain line straight! For me, being time crunched, having the set up ready to go is a bigger plus than the exact same bike or fit. Plus I don’t worry about sweat damage, have lower replacement costs etc.


I bought an old steel Peugeot road bike on ebay for £20, painted it with some Hammerite to protect from sweat, and job done. It has friction shifters too which means I can run 11 speed no problem.

As @onemanpeloton said fit is important as you’re going to spend a long time on it.

I feel like buying and training on an entirely new bike will almost always be way more work than installing/uninstalling your bike from the trainer when you want to ride. It’s another bike to maintain, another bike to fit properly, and if you have a power meter on your outside bike then you have to worry about conflicting power data.

That said, I have used even smaller complaints to justify purchasing a new bike so power to ya! :sweat_smile:

Go with craigslist/ebay/facebook classifieds and find something that fits and that you know how to work on/maintain. Wheel quality obviously won’t matter so as long as you want to ride it, you’re good to go!

Thanks a lot guys. I appreciate your comments! I’ll try to make it work with my existing bike. Let’s see for a couple of weeks…

I think its worth just getting some old hack bike and fitting it permanently to your trainer, especially if you’re using Erg mode. You just need to get the seat/pedals/handlebar spacing right. You’ll never use the brakes or gears, so you really just need to get the rider triangle sufficiently close

FWIW I 100% agree with you on a second bike. I have a old winter bike that I use on the trainer. It never leaves the trainer so doing a workout isn’t a big deal.

I didn’t care about having the same geometry, as none of my 4 bikes have the same geometry.

Of course the best possible option is to buy a better new bike and elevate the current one to the trainer :rofl: