Dedicated Trainer Bike Component Compatibility

I have a CycleOps Hammer H1, 1st Gen. Currently using my Allez on it but I want to get a cheap bike to keep on the trainer full time.

If I buy a used bike with 10s Shimano on it, can I just drop the bike on the trainer with an 11s cassette? I don’t shift (ERG mode all the time) so I essentially would just put the chain on the small ring and middle of the cassette and leave it.

I’m extremely mechanically stupid, so I want to ensure this will work?


Yes, you may need to play with the specific rear gear you use and adjust the indexing at the barrel on the RD, but that can work just fine.


Great, thanks for the quick reply!


I’ve a 7 speed on my hammer 1, indexed just to one cog on the middle of the block. When I start getting wear issues, I’ll move one up or one down!


Interesting, that’s a great tip…thank you.

Why not just get a cheap 10spd cassette for the trainer and have a full range of gears? Only has to be shimano compatible not actually Shimano.

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Yes, it’ll work.

The main thing to consider is whether the 10 speed chain will work in the 11 speed cassette, which it will, because the gaps are sufficiently wide.

That said, agreed with @Greased_Flea that a 10 speed cassette is a good thing to have somewhere down the line. I use ERG mode too, but sometimes it’s nice to be able to downshift when the trainer tries to act stupid and lock you down at low cadence.

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