New wheel - multiple bikes - QR & Thru Axle

Hey all

So, couldn’t find a relevant topic to whack that under, hence…

I’ve just been roped in to do overnight work, which is nicely compensated :slight_smile:
To balance the emotional distress, I’m thinking that some shiny new wheels would help.

I have 2 bikes that I would like to use the wheels with, and one has thru-axles, while the other, QRs.

Is there a “proper” way for me to do this?
Can I get a thru-axle hub, and use an adapter? Is it recommended?

Is there anything else I should be wary of? centerlock vs 6 bolts? Disc sizes?
Although I’ve had a disc brake bike for a while, it’s been, well, just working :slight_smile: and I haven’t had to think about this kind of things (i was focusing on my other bike)

Depends on the hubs. I’ve got a set of wheels with Hope hubs that I changed from bike to bike and all I had to do was buy a new set of end caps. They pull off and push on so you could do it pretty easy, might get annoying if you are doing it every day though. I’d recommend looking at the hubs and searching if something exists for your hub brand. By way of example, this is what I bought:

They exist for just about every standard and best I can tell all the other parts of the hub are universal, which probably makes sense from a manufacturing perspective.


We’d need to know more about the specific bikes and wheels in consideration to give more advice than the initial info above.

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Fair enough Chad!
One is my old Genesis Croix de Fer - 2010 (i think)
The other is my canyon endurace CF SLX aero <insert whatever rubbish they put to make that the longest bike name in activity)
Wheels: Veering towards getting some Light Bicycles wheel, because I was so happy about my rim-brake ones.
Hub becomes a choice, then. Happy to pay more if it allows me to have a versatile set of wheels.

One thing to consider is getting custom wheels so you can pick your hubs. I’ve used multiple times and have been very satisfied. (No relationship to that company, just a happy customer). They don’t really end up being all that much more than an off the shelf and you get exactly what you want

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Yip. Hence, Light Bicycles :slight_smile:

Ahh not familiar with light bikes. Didn’t realize then were custom. Carry on👍🏻

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Make sure you get rim brake compatible rims. Some new disc only rims don’t have a brake track, so you couldn’t use them with rim brakes. You are also going to need to double check the hub spacing on both front and rear hubs will work with your bikes when setup as QR / thru-axle.

These two considerations might require a lot of compromises/ limit your choices of rims and hubs such that the wheel set you get is meh in either configuration. But maybe not.


Na, it’s ok, i’ve got a rim brake bike, and it has all the wheels it needs :roll_eyes:
Too many according to my wife, which we all know is an impossibility.

That is my worry, really :expressionless:

I think the potential complexity of this one makes it worth consulting a wheelbuilder IMO.