changing the ramp test for 8 Min FTP test and facing the first week

hello, i love the FTP 8 minutes Test and i am going on base high 2 SST, ok ,… but the TR plained the ramp on calendar and i changed, all right! but a VO2 max workout like the 8 Min test make a week more harder than with a ramp test and the workouts are the sames on the first week, my legs are frieds, today i simply dont can do a 2 H SST workout! so i did 45 min endurance… what i shoud do for this week? i think skip a SST workout or go ride a endurance outdoor, where the TSS build up more easily

Ramp test is 34TSS, 8min gives 78.

So you basically have 44TSS spare this week to use how u wish.
Pick minus versions of your next workout, or a workout targetting the same zone that is x TSS easier.
You can even split it into 22TSS over the following 2 workouts and allow yourself to slowly bounce back.
Or just reduce the first by as much as you need and end that week with a bit less/more TSS than planned.

Many ways to skin a cat, so don’t drive yourself crazy over it.
As long as you follow the gist of the plan and complete most workouts you should improve

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I too use the 8 min instead. I feel it for a couple of days. For me, my swim brings the legs back.

If i had a long ride like you the next day I would do the -1 version.

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I prefer the 8 minute test as well and would prioritize using that method for a more realistic FTP (for me, this protocol seems to fit better) and worry less about the remaining workout for that single week. You’re probably on the right path just reducing some volume, or change some HI for endurance. I think it’s more important to have an accurate idea of your FTP than worrying about a specific TSS/fatigue for a single and first week of training in a plan.

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yeah, my approach in relation to training is very hard with my person, i confess but seeing the replyies above i see many lights on over tunnel… sometimes i forget what the blocks are too, is the big chance to learn about my self, managing stress, testing, racing, resting… maybe that skills are the more hard to learn…

I have a max HR of 186 and for the last 5 mins of each 8 min interval my HR was 180 up to the max of 186. Seemed to get high sooner than it should have. Should it be so high so soon?

How was your power across the 8 minutes? Was it consistent or did it have a big drop towards the end? How did your average power compare between the 2 8 min blocks?

Pretty consistent yeah. Between 236 and 240 but really feckin hard.

That seems correct to me based on my past experiences with the 8 min test. It hurts a lot and if paced correctly your HR will be getting up there. IMO If you started at 270 and then blew up and finished at 220 for the last few minutes it probably wasn’t paced very well but it doesn’t seem like you did that. Or if the 2nd 8 min block was more than 10% different from the first.

I looked at my past 8 min tests and I have a HR max of about 181 and most of the tests I was around 172-174 at the end of each 8 min block.

Yeah, so you were bout 7 beats off your max at the end of each block. I was expecting something similar to that. Legs were not too bad!! I had been under the weather for the week before so only had 2 or 3 days back at it so that could’ve left my HR slightly elevated too.