Changing/missing day

Hi, I’m about 4 weeks into my first use of trainer road. I’m doing mid volume I think which gives me 5workouts per week, however next week I’m away for a long weekend so I can only do 4 back to back days. So I’m planning to skip the endurance ride and do the 4 harder workouts, question is can I just select them from the calendar in any order, as I’d probably start with Saturdays workout on the Monday

I suggest using the drag/drop or date edit options to place the workouts on the day you actually plan to do them. That function and more are located in this article:


Thanks that’s helped a lot now

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To add, the desktop website is much easier to use than the mobile app.

I end up moving my schedule around a lot… so I’m very used to the calendar.


I totally agree that large format web access is the best for major shuffling.

Swapping one or two workouts is ok on the mobile app, but sure lacks the easy of Drag/Drop on the web.

If you’re going to drop a workout, then drop one of the harder ones rather than the core endurance one.

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