Change from Sustained Power MV to LV, mid Plan?

Hey all, just looking for some feedback on potentially switching from MV to LV in the middle of the Sustained Power Build plan in order to effectively fit more long outdoor rides into my training in order to prepare for a 210 mile gravel grinder in June. I am worried that with MV already being a large amount of training stress, that adding long outdoor rides into the mix will push me over the edge.
Obviously getting long periods of time in the saddle before such a race is just as important as having the fitness, so that’s why I am debating switching plans. I appreciate any and all input, thanks!

Simply just replace a TR workout with a long ride. The Sunday rides lend themselves perfectly for this option.


My issue with that is a 5+ hour ride on either Saturday or Sunday is going to be 2-3x the TSS of one of those rides, which means I could be adding a very large chunk of additional TSS to my week which is what concerns me, even though it will be at a comparatively low wattage/effort.

There are three main differences between MV and LV.

  1. MV ups the volume in the three major “quality” workouts (Tues, Thurs, Sat).
  2. MV adds an Endurance workout on Wednesday.
  3. MV adds a “volume” workout on Sunday.

They’ve mentioned often that you can replace the Sunday workout with an outside ride. In fact, if you look at the week notes, you’ll see it explicitly gives you the option of doing a ~2 hour Endurance ride in place of the listed workout. If your outdoor ride happens to only be about 100 TSS, you’re actually still within the plan as designed. If it’s too much stress, you can pull the Wednesday workout as well.

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