Change date of A race in Plan Builder

So I’ve been working towards my event in June using Plan Builder. For obvious reasons my event has been postponed until later in the year. How exactly do I ‘go in to my existing plan’ to amend the date (and thus recalculate my plan). Can’t find anything obvious



For starters, you should be able to open the event, change the date in the dialog, accept that and then the Plan Builder should prompt you for “Update” or something similar.

Here is a compiled list of Plan Builder resources:

Thanks, Chad. I have changed the date of my event but it hasn’t prompted me to accept any plan changes - and my event now sits all on it’s lonesome in the middle of August with nothing leading up to it…

Try to delete your existing plan, then create a new one, with the same start date, with your new A race date A race… Don’t let it hang there alone in the August dark :wink: have had the same problem. And this worked for me.

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