Chad's Departure

Or he assaulted another employee. plenty of reasons you can make up…


I would be surprised if any of those things ended up being the truth.

Of course, I would not be MORE surprised than Chad being abruptly dumped from the company and podcast. Anything is possible. As the sequence of events we’re arguing over has already clearly shown.

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Sorry, I’m not following you. Can you clarify?

Sure. I’m just making the point that the unexpected happens routinely.

Case in point - Chad leaving trainerroad abruptly. I dont think anyone would have bet money before it happened that that was the most likely thing to happen, yet it did anyway.

I think it’s rational to apply the same logic to the reasoning behind the breakup. Just because something is unlikely does not mean it is impossible. And there infinitely more unlikely scenarios than the one, single, most likely scenario.

Maybe the reason was something mundane. Maybe it was something weird. Nobody except Chad, the decision makers at trainerroad, and the people they have told have anything more than a guess.


I thought he got a job with Sufferfest? That’s a no brainer that he couldn’t stay with TR…

Yeap, Neal Henderson needed the help of spin class couch, all makes so much sense now


In that case Nate would have announced the departure in a different way. He would have thanked Chad for the contribution over the XX years and wished him good luck. Or not mentioned it at all.


Like this?


Well maybe it does have a sinister explanation, I’d just like to understand. I feel like I knew the guy!


It‘s totally obvious what happened here! Chad went out and beat Nate in a TT,… and Nate took that personally!

Now that everyone‘s curiosity is satisfied can we please respect Coach Chad‘s wishes and let things rest? We owe him this much for what he has contributed in our lives….


It’s a horrible message, because there was zero reason to include the ‘it wasn’t voluntary’ bit. It’s horrible messaging. I feel like TR has really lost its way over the past couple of years. Sad to see.


I feel like some of you may be suffering from the post-race blues after reaching 1000. Should we shoot for 10000?


We don’t know that there was zero reason to include that it wasn’t voluntary. Chad might have done something so bad that TR wanted to disclose it but couldn’t and it was the only way they felt they could distance themselves.


Die thread, die!


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As a counter to the narrative that Chad has been scrubbed from everything, Jonathan mentioned him a few times on the podcast today


Companies evolve. I agree that some of the “small company” vibe with the core team being really tight has diminished, but I’m not sure they have lost their way. Taking a company from startup to something bigger/different is extremely difficult and typically has ups and downs. I have no idea what goals Nate (and other owners) are trying to realize, but I guarantee it’s not all roses and sunshine behind the scenes. The podcast is our primary view into the company and it’s really hard to know how much that is a reflection of what’s actually going on.


Did I miss something? TR seems to be doing quite well. Has it changed? Sure…all companies do as they grow.

It it surely hasn’t “fallen”, even if it isn’t what it once was or what people think it should be.

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No one is flaming you…but just because you don’t enjoy the product anymore doesn’t mean the company has “fallen”.


You can turn off adaptive training and follow the stock plans