Chad's Departure

It still gets lots of listens and there’s plenty of people who still enjoy it (though maybe reasons have changed/they have suggestions). It’s just a real thick culture of people having to “yuck your yum”.



I’m working my way through the back catalogue (again) and the racing that Nate, Jonathan, and Chad we’re doing was really the driver of the most entertaining and informative discussion.

I’ve been listening to the episodes around 240 where they’re talking about trying to get @Nate_Pearson into Unbound. I’m not fussed on Gravel racing, but was still super interested to follow all the training, planning, logistics etc.

I do wish we could get Nate signed up for something like that, but I gather he must be massively more busy than he was in 2019/2020. It’s going to be great following Jonathan and Ivy through ST6.


Peak podcast was the three amigos all riding, racing, aero testing, and stealing KOMs from each other. It reminds me of peak Top Gear.


I tend to disagree. Haven’t listened to the latest one, but the last few haven’t been very good. I’ve gone back and am working my way through 2018. So much better! The chemistry between Jon, Nate, and Chad is so great with Chad really digging in and Nate asking the kind of questions and anecdotes us regular people can relate to.


Two of the three amigos don’t even ride and/or race much anymore. They burnt themselves out trying to follow their training plans as they’ve aged up. :rofl:


This would be great with just randomly chosen athletes. Not all the pros.

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Yep, that was it for me, with some Pete or Amber mixed in.


Chad: please stop speculating
TR community: Best I can do is 700 more posts


I would love to see a “roast me” segment where people made their training public and let them dissect it. Would require some homework & clarifying email correspondence… as well as the athlete being able to take criticism.

Would be nice to see some charismatic guests. I miss Nate being on. He brings a good energy.


No, you can go listen/read and put two and two together. I think I’ve posted about this above so I don’t want to revisit it. Let Chad be.

I looked it up it’s post 379

But I’d sure like to know more.


It explains absolutely nothing. It tells us the practical nature of the situation, that Chad is moving on but nothing as to the why, what happened and what’s next.

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Yea, people have made an awful lot of assumptions and logical leaps based on an extremely small amount of info. At the end of the day, the ONLY 1st person info available has been:

Nate: Chad is gone

Chad: Don’t talk about it.

Anything else is just attempts to read between very few lines.


Nate definitely said more than that. I can’t figure out why people choose to ignore that or imply it’s ambiguous.


Because everything else he said was ambiguous?

Hard disagree from me on this one

Ok. I mean maybe I’m just dumb or bad at listening. What did I mis that was not ambiguous?

It’s been said dozens of times. I’m not going to start it all over again. That was my whole point.


I think Chad went to work for peloton as a their new head cycling instructor……

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One thing that was valuable about listening back is hearing them make mistakes with nutrition and how it negatively impacted them both short term and long term, but if you had been following along at the time you might have been making those mistakes with them.