Cervelo Recalls 2022 R5 and Caledonia

This recall involves Model Year 2022 Cervélo R5 and Caledonia-5 bicycles and Cervélo ST31 LT replacement stems. Cervélo and R5 or Caledonia-5 are printed on bicycle’s frame. The ST31 LT replacement stems were sold only in black. The recalled bicycles and framesets were sold in the following colors/SKUs.

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recalls I remember seeing in the past year-ish…
Trek Emonda and Speed Concept
Canyon Aeroroad
Specialized SL7
Cervelo R5 and Caledonia 5

There are probably some others that I am missing. I do wonder if pushing the boundaries on things like integration and hiding cables make potential issues recalls more likely.


This is a funny subject, but I sold all of my integrated cable bikes and built non-integrated cable bikes this season… I also went from electric to mechanical… Back on subject, I kept having non stop issues with all of my integrated bikes and got fed up with it so just went back to the simple life.