Cervélo Caledonia

I’ve been eyeing the new Cervélo Caledonia/5 as my first (and only) road bike and am wondering if anybody else is considering getting one.

Pros and cons (obviously as I see it):


  • I like the appeal of an n=1 bike
  • In line with the above, like the fact that you can add fenders to it
  • The purple carbon color is drool worthy (obviously personal preference)
  • Cool accessory mounts


  • Has a press fit BB. How big of a deal is this really?
  • Design is looking a bit uninspired? But again, that purple carbon color…
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Membership card…hand it over.


Hah! I hear you. For what it’s worth, this would actually be my 3rd bike in an NYC-sized apartment (tri bike, folding bike, and now a road bike…)

If the geometry works for you (and it wouldn’t for me…too high), I think it is a great bike. Obviously I have never ridden it, but from what I have read, it is a well designed “jack of all trades” road bike, capable of some light gravel duty if you wish.

As for the BB, it is kinda a crapshoot, IMO. I had really bad luck with two 1st gen Venge frames (the second was the warranty replacement for the first because of the bb shell). As soon as the second started creaking, I unloaded it.

Lots of people never have a problem with their PF BB’s…but the incidence of problems is what I would classify as “higher than normal”. If problems arise, they can sometimes be alleviated by using a thread-in style replacement BB.

For me personally, if I was deciding between 2 bikes and one had a Thad-in BB and ther had PF, it would tip the scales for me. Th said, I have since bought a bike with PF and no issues so far (knocks wood).

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I wouldn’t worry about the press fit bottom bracket. If it creaks, just replace it with a threaded bottom bracket. My road frame is PF30, but I use a wheels mfg threaded together bottom bracket and it’s never given me a hint of trouble.


I never thought of getting one until reading this thread, My impulsive instincts are now aroused.

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I think they look fantastic.

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Its a cool bike, but the aspero does all the same stuff and MORE


Except the integrated headset.
I’m loving the look of the Caledonia 5. Looking forward to a few ride reviews of it.

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I agree beautiful bike. But all these bikes got me thinking… BMC Roadmachine been doing this since 2016, it really took every one 4 years to catch up SMH.

So if I could please direct your attention to the real OG.

100% agree with what you have said.
Comes down to marketing teams capturing loyal followers. :raising_hand_man:

If the aero numbers come out remotely close to my old S3, I’m sold!

The aspero does not have fittings for mudguards.

Haul ass not cargo!

Slowtwitch wrote an article on it - https://www.slowtwitch.com/Gravel/Cervelo_Caledonia_Road_Bike_of_the_Future_7714.html


Thanks for all the input, guys!

I ended up pulling the trigger on the same model mentioned in the Slowtwitch article SDooley posted, which is what turned me onto the bike in the first place (purple carbon, SRAM Force groups). It’s going to take about a month to get to me, but that’ll leave me some time to shop for some accessories!

Very stoked. Love the look of the bike and the do-it-all appeal of it.