Cervelo R3 Disc riders

Thinking of doing an Ultegra build of the 2020 R3.

Any feedback from riders out there ? I’m currently riding a 2018 R3 and find the frame stiff yet comfortable. However, I’m debating on making the switch to disc for next season !

This will be used primarily for road/crit racing.


I doubt you’ll notice much difference outside of usual rim vs disc stuff!
I love Cervelo R series. The only complaint with my previous gen R5 was the horrible rotor BB it came with. I yanked it out and replaced with a Hambini BBright one. From there it was smooth sailing.
Should be a great purchase! What color are you going for?

Probably black. My current R3 is bright yellow and everything shows :confused:

Hambini BB eh? Interesting, I’ve seen his videos and the man definitely knows his stuff. Does it come in 24mm for GXP cranks ? I have a DZero Quarq that I’d like to keep using.

Ah! Not sure if he makes them for gxp cranks as he’s not a fan of the gxp design.
WMFG has got you covered though. https://wheelsmfg.com/bottom-brackets/bbright.html?crank_spindle_dia=7120
Cbear is another brand people swear by. I have no personal experience.

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Check out the hambini Cervelo bottom bracket rant video first, his stuff is made to tighter tolerances than Cervelo use so may not fit!

I have a R3 disc with Chorus components and with the C-bear BB. I have not had any issues with the BB, it has been smooth and silent since the beginning.

I have not actually yet installed the C-bear bearings, still using only the cups with the original Campagnolo bearings that came preinstalled with the crank. Both are of very high quality, there should be no difference.

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I’ve seen the video and it is definitely concerning. But I’ve got a very good relationship with the Cervelo shop so I’m confident any issues would be taken care of.

Cool, didn’t know about c-bear. I’m running the WMFG right now in my current R3 … Will probably just swap it out if I stick with GXP.

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To me it was more concerning about hambini, put me off his products!!

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