Cervelo R3 2017 Ultegra 6800 Disc for 2200€ - worth it?

I currently own a cervelo R5 from 2014 with ultegra and rim breaks, with Zipp 303s on. The bike is super light, very quick, but not the most comfortable as you might imagine.

I’m not in desperate need to buy something new, but if so I’d definitely be with disc’s, electric shifting optional.

I now stumbled across a R3 from 2017 in great condition with mechanical ultegra, disc’s and HED Ardennes wheels for 2200€.

Normally, if I were to buy a bike right now, I’d look at something like a SuperSix, Trek Domane/Emonda or a Specialized Tarmac. But somehow I just really like the cervelo bikes - but I haven’t ever been able to ride any of the others.

So what do you think how this cervelo compares to those other ones with similar specs?

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Just as an aside Cervelo geometry is quite different from a Supersix or Tarmac (not familiar with which Trek is which). Cervelo R and S models have shorter top tubes and longer head tubes. That might help your decision.

I have a 2017 R3 Di2 in a 54”. Rim breaks. I like the price if new, not as much if used unless there is an upgraded wheelset. I am in Canada so the pricing may not be comparable (I did convert from £ to C$). If you are used to 303s, you will want something comparable on the new bike. The R3 has a slightly shorter reach and higher stack than the current Tarmac. I find it a good all round bike.

Thanks for your input guys.
Btw, the bike has the old Ultegra 6800, not the current R8000.

I don’t think that matters much, both are 11-speed and 6800-series Ultegra just works. Personally, I’d see how you like the ride. Geometry >> other specs, especially parts you can easily replace along the road. I (mostly) have 6800-series Ultegra on my bike (everything minus shifters), and I don’t see any reason to upgrade.

Regarding the other bikes, when I tried it the SuperSix was quite vanilla, not bad, but nothing special. I’d look elsewhere. And personally, I don’t like Trek’s IsoSpeed decoupler, I test rode a decked out Domane SL6 Disc a few years back and absolutely hated the feel. I don’t want to bash any manufacturer, my point is: try before you buy. Bikes that did feel very special was the BMC Teammachine: it was way more comfortable than my endurance road bike, it was supple, it liked to carve on the downhills and I thought the geometry struck a great balance.