Pathfinder pro 47

Anyone have the actually measured width when mounted?

If so what was the Id of your rim

As you mentioned, the wheel it is being mounted on will determine the final number. What wheels are you mounting them on?

~48.5mm on Roval Terra C (25mm inner width).

Edit: Based on the Unbound thread it looks like you might be thinking of these for that event? I ran the 42s in 2022 without issue and used the 47s last year. This year I’ll stick with the 47s.


I ran 42 in 2021
I have a 25 ID rim, not sure I can fit a 47 if they measure 47 in my frame.

I’m running pathfinder pro 47s on wheels with internal width 24mm. The pathfinders measure about 48.5mm.

Pathfinders are for sure my favorite gravel tire. Tried lots of others and always come back to them.


The Pro’s Closet just did a segment on tires for Unbound and his 47’s came out at 45mm…I wanna say he had a 23mm IW rim?

ETA: Just went back and checked in the video, confirmed - his rims were 23mm IW.

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Is 3mm enough clearance

My 47mm measure 45mm on a 25mm inside rim after 6 months being mounted on the wheels

I sit think they’d fit your bike based on what you’re showing

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Adjacent datapoint: I’ve got Pathfinder Pro 42s that blow up to 44.5mm on 26mm internal width rims.


IIRC, when Dylan Johnson ran 47’s on his Factor Ostro Gravel, he had to shave down the side knobs a bit to get them to fit in the rear. Pretty sure it is one of the Bonk Bros podcasts. Would think he was running at least 25mm IW rims…


Sounds like I’ll buy some and test it out. I have no complaints about the Terra speed, but I have ran 42c pathfinder at last unbound and had good results on the tire

Not at unbound. :sunglasses:


Just depends on the conditions and the weather on race day…also, the northern routes are dryer and less prone to mud. While the course has obviously not been announced, there have never been any mud issues in that direction.

That said, I would not put it past the organizers to further double-down on their reaction to the complaints about the MMR section last year and go out of their way to add in stuff like that next year.

And yes, I am serious. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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+1 on this. I’d run those 47’s if conditions were definitely going to be dry, but bring some narrower tires along and swap to those if there was any chance of rain/mud.

Last year was my first year at Unbound (south course), but I’ve done some riding on sections of the prior north course when it was wet. The sections I rode were probably less maintained than most of the south course, but the mud wasn’t that peanut butter stuff, so it was manageable. There might be sections of that type mud that I just didn’t encounter, but it’s less common to the north from what I’ve been told by some locals.

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I will mount a set of 40mm terra speeds on a spare set of wheels and they will be pit wheels for when I stop for food

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Yeah, i just ordered 47’s today for the race but i will 42’s on a spare set of wheels. I have a new Crux so hopefully that will be sufficient mud clearance if necessary.

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And 46 on 30mm internal.

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Wish I could order a set of 30mm ID wheels. Feel like that’s the perfect gravel wheel set

If it doesn’t mess with your mind to have mismatched tires, you might like a 45mm Terra Speed on the front to go with your 42mm Pathfinder Pro on the rear. The Terra Speed is fast and probably provides a little more stability for the front while the Pathfinder Pro provides better puncture protection for the rear.

Never thought about that. Thats a good option. Now if I could find another set of terra speed in a 45 black wall. They are sold out at the moment, and my current ones will be shot after 5-10 more gravel rides. The terra speeds seem to wear really fast, as do the terra trails.

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