Cervelo Aspero on the Road

I’m thinking about getting a Cervelo Aspero as my n=1 bike but wanted to see if anyone had thrown some 700x28 road tires on the bike and what your experience was with it. I currently have a Venge Vias and mainly do solo rides with the occasional small group ride and triathlon but I also am interested in doing some mild gravel rides/races as well. My thought is to run the stock tires/wheels for gravel rides and then swap out to some 50mm deep road wheels with 28’s for riding on the road. This could also possibly allow me to buy a dedicated triathlon bike as well which would be nice since that is where I race more competitively.

Any input is appreciated.

One owner I found via search:

Some of the Fascat coaches use them a fair bit so might be worth asking them. Frank Overton, Isaiah Newkirk, Jackson Long, and Jake Rytlewski are the one I’ve seen use them. They do have a partnership with Excel Sports in Boulder so there may be some bias.

I have an Aspero. I haven’t put on 28s yet and only have ridden it with 40s and obviously it’s a bit sluggish on the road compared to my R3 with 45mm DT Swiss ERC 1400 wheels.

There are some things I’d change if it was my only bike. Obviously some lighter wheels to swap for road rides. I’d get a longer stem, a seat post with some setback, a carbon seatpost, and lastly GRX Di2. The mechanical GRX is too big and bulky and I really dislike it. I think with these changes it can be a fast road bike.

Basically a new bike. :wink:

Those are all changes of the bike that I think should be made regardless of whether on the road or dirt.

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