Open UPPER tire clearance

Considering getting an Open Upper frame and building it up for gravel. Manufacturer says max tire clearance is 40mm. I usually ride 38mm Gravel Kings, but there are times/courses where I would prefer a 42 GK or Pathfinder. Anybody squeezed an extra 2mm onto an Upper? or done a 38/42 mullet front/rear or rear/front? Or is there a good all-rounder similar to GK or Pathfinder that comes in 40?

When considering this keep in mind that you need to worry about actual tire width when it’s mounted on your XX mm inner width rims. And the manufacturer stated tire clearance has some safety factor in it.

See here (and a few posts above that) for more info.

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true. and mud clearance. but thanks for the reminder :slightly_smiling_face:

This is the clearance I had on my UP with 40 mm Ramblers. I wouldn’t want to try 42 Pathfinders in the back. I’ll rip my UPPER off the trainer and measure out the clearance with my current Tufo Thundero in 40.

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Perfect. thank you!!

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I could pass a 6 mm hex wrench between the seat tube and the tire but could not pass an 8 mm, so I’d say it’s about 7-7.5 mm. The Tufo is inflated to 40 psi in this picture and mounted on a Corima G 30.5 (internal width 22 mm).

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No problem. Happy to answer any other questions you or someone else has. It’s a great bike and closest thing out there to a quiver killer. I have a second wheelset for road tires and it can rip on tarmac just fine.