Pioneer PM Question: Drive-Side/Chainring Size

Hey Folks,

Been considering doing a drive-side addition to my R8000 cranks (mid-compact 165mm) but I want the ability to swap to smaller chainrings (or go single) for a few events. I know the chainrings can be replaced by me or a mechanic no problem (assuming that I use R8000 or R9100 models). What I don’t know is if I there are any issues with switching to a non-Shimano chainring (e.g. Absolute Black or Wolftooth), if there are any size limitations (e.g. sub-compact), or if I can even go 1x.

Does anyone have experience with this?


Funny. I post in two forums about this today and that’s the day I get a response from Pioneer. At least the info is from the “horse’s mouth”.

For R8000 + R9100 (not sure about other crank models) Pioneer says you can’t go smaller than a compact chainring set-up. They also say that there should be no problem using Absolute Black or WolfTooth chainrings and 1x should be totally kosher.

To clarify, that’s smaller than a 34t… so a changing a Pioneer setup with a single 38t or 40t ring should be OK? Asking because I’m going to convert my CX back to 1x for the season and will use a 40t Wolftooth. The crankset is a Shimano Ultegra dual sided Pioneer.

I honestly have no idea. I’m guessing that the pod has to fit in the space cut out of the large chainring. So if you were to run a 1x set-up smaller than 50 it’d have to be done as an inner chainring.

I’d give them a call to be sure … they’re super friendly … I just don’t have time to chat while I’m at work.