Castelli Sizing


I’m interested in getting the Castelli Climbers 3.0 jersey but I don’t think I can fit the smallest size on the chart. My chest is about 30inches. I wear XS/XXS for MAAP and PNS.

I’m curious if anyone here wears size S for Castelli and what is your height, weight and chest measurement?


iIcant imagine how small that would be. But i know they are very small from personal experience.


I wear a small, and I’m 5’9” @ 145lbs with a 36” chest.

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I wear Castelli size small, 178cm (5’10"), around 65Kg (10st 3lb/143lb) and 92cm (36") chest.

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I can get into a small castelli skin suit. 1m75. 70(ISH) kg. 38" (ISH) chest. I also have small castelli bin tights that fit fine (a bit loose if anything).

In general my experience has been their size good is good.

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