Cassette for Wahoo/TrainerRoad

I’m am going to the new Wahoo Kickr upgrading from my KK rock and roll. I have been running the 10 speed 12x30 cassette that I use outside and have a question. With cog gaps in my cassette being larger I have found problems hitting small power changes with my workouts. I either have to exceed the power considerably or my spin becomes too fast 105 +. I want to be able to use available modes on the kickr other than just erg. I realize the kickr comes with an 11x28 but I need to get a 10 speed cassette. What would be the ideal cassette 11x25 11x23 etc…so I will be able to utilize the other modes of training on the kickr? Thanks

Most likely once you start using the trainer in Erg mode, you’ll be hooked.
Before I changed to the Kickr I used an 11/25 cassette and found it perfect. Everything was really smooth and was always able to stick to my preferred cadence.

I’d say a 23-11 or 25/23-12 would be best for the smallest jumps in gears. For TR you’ll never run out of gears and for something like Zwift you can use the trainer difficulty setting you make sure you don’t run out of gears.

Thanks for the feedback! I really like to interact during a session…gear, cadence etc…I guess I did that for so long with a computrainer it’s almost automatic. I’ll use erg I’m sure ….but I like the option.
The 2-3 cog jumps on my 12-30 make it tough. Thanks for your input and continued opinions are encouraged.


I used a junior racing cassette (14x25) when I had a dumb trainer and that worked well for having a narrow range of jumps. I’m mostly on the ERG train now though.

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check out Miche Primato, you can compile your own cassette.

smallest cog from 11 up to 18 teeth.
for super narrow cassette spacing, 18-19-20-21-22-23-24-25-26-27
But in ERG mode, you can have a singlespeed and it will still work (most of the time, unless downward spiral of death)