Indoor trainer recommendations

Looking for recommendations for an indoor trainer. Days are getting shorter here and weather is messing up my outdoor rides. Wife is also keen for the same reasons. I’ve done a bunch of research already but the following requirements make things a bit tricky in deciding what to get:

My bike - 11 speed road, I have a power meter
Her bike - 10 speed MTB with 12x148 boost rear axle. No power meter.

Either wheel on or direct drive presents issues:

Direct drive - ideally need to swap the cassette, as well as the QR/thru axle adapter every time we swap
Wheel on - QR/thru axle adapter needs to be changed.

Don’t really have room to get a cheap bike to leave permanently mounted on the trainer.

Maybe need two trainers then if no room for another bike. You could then workout together?

If you plan on using Trainer Road workouts and ERG mode then you dont need to change gears on the cassette.

For that reason, you could probably use both bikes with the same cassette. Thats what I do. I use my 12spd bike in erg mode with an 11sp cassette. Its a wahoo kickr core. Supports 148 axles too


It depends on the trainer. Not every trainer can provide all required resistance in all gears.

I’d say, get two trainers.

As much as I still feel burned by Wahoo, the Core was very simple when it came to swapping bikes. The adapters don’t require tools like the Neo2 that I use now and through axle support is better. (The wildy inaccurate power numbers and vibration at high speed were another matter).

If you only want to use erg mode, and are happy to leave it in one gear, you should be fine running a 10 speed cassette on the Core for both bikes.

I’ve put my Elite Suito through its paces over the last year and a half. I have put on around 500 hours with absolutely no maintenance or issues with it. It will happily provide whatever reasonable resistance in ERG you need and comes with a 105 cassette, so you don’t need to take one off. Added benefit, it was/is cheapest direct drive I could find.

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I would also recommend to use two trainers for that purposes.

If you don’t mind a dumb trainer, the Omnium Over-Drive is the most adaptable trainer there is. It would take a few seconds to adapt from your bike to your wife’s.

Thanks everyone for your responses. Wife solved the problem when she said she doesn’t care what trainer she uses on a trainer. So I picked up a Kickr Snap.