CAROL exercise bike

A buddy of mine picked up this bike at the recommendation of a personal trainer friend of his. To me it appears a bit gimmicky? It claims an AI approach to training to get the most out of a workout. When i watch the review videos, it appears to just be low intensity workouts with some super sprints. That doesn’t seem like its laying out any new ground physiologically. And while it does seem to produce “results” (one must define goals before one can claim to achieve them), I’m not convinced it’s anything other than an AI sticker slapped onto an expensive bike.

Does anyone else have an opinion on this bike? Is it just the new hotness, or is there something else there, technology wise, that I’m missing?

I saw some information and looked at the science some and I can see how it ‘should’ work.
My question is can’t TR make a workout that does the same thing?

From their web site:

Our scientifically-validated REHIT workout is 8 minutes 40 seconds, total. That’s two 20-second maximum intensity sprints, plus warm up, recovery and cool down time.

Your ride is completely controlled and personalized for you by CAROL’s AI. The resistance is set and automated for you — so you can hit your maximum intensity and get faster results.

The question is - why do you have to buy a bike or AI to do this workout? Go walk/jog for 5 minutes, do a 20 second all out sprint - walk for another 3 minutes, repeat 20 second sprint. You are done and it didn’t cost you more than a pair of sneakers that you probably already own.

I’m sure there are SIT studies that show the effectiveness of 20 second sprints on sedentary people. And I’m sure it’s a million times better than doing absolutely zero exercise.