Carbs calculation in workout

I know we have the ability to see how many calories we burn, but if we had to break that down (approximately) into how many carbs burn and how much fat was burned what would the calculation be. Say if time and intensity factor would be the determining numbers to calculate this. Any formulas out there???

You need to perform a lab test to see how much power you’re making when you’re predominantly burning fat and carbs as everyone is different.

Well xert are able to do it.

I’m curious then, has anyone compared it to lab tests? Seeing as everyone is different, I would be very surprised if it can be predicted.

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The numbers are obviously estimated based on your xert fitness signature. I believe a number of people have compared the numbers to lab tested results. It is discussed on the xert forum in a number of threads. For me its accurate enough. Although it may not be for everyone.

The numbers are also pushed through to strava…